Eightball Studios

For over 30 years Eightball Studios has been one of the premier sculpture studios in the toys and collectibles industries.

In 1984, Steve Kiwus quit his job as a toy designer to try his hand at being a toy sculptor. This was the birth of Eightball Studios. Working on his bed, using a bunsen burner as his heat source and with the help of a very patient art director at LJN Toys, he figured out the toy sculpting process and soon became one of the most sought-after sculptors in the industry. As the workload grew, additional sculptors were added to the roster. Over the next 25 years Eightball Studios created over 2000 sculptures using traditional clay and wax sculpting techniques.

Since 2010 Eightball Studios has been a 100% digital sculpting studio, creating all the monsters, babes and heroes on the computer and outputting them on a 3D printer.